Refund Policy

We will not take your unused balance. However, due to how our systems are programmed to allow fast response, once a deposit is completed, there is no way to get it back. No refunds will be given to your payment method. You can use your balance to order another service from URlyric.

You, the client, agree that once you have made a payment, you will not file a dispute or charge-back against for any reason. Once you submit a payment you have initiated business with URlyric off your own free will and as such accept this Refund Policy.

If you file any dispute or charge back against after making a deposit, we reserve the right to destroy all future orders, ban you from our site. We also reserve the right to remove/retract followers or likes that were supplied to you or your links to YouTube/ Instagram / Facebook / Twitter or other social media accounts that you entered in our system.

With initiating business with URlyric you accept that strategies that cannot be shared with you are employed to deliver on your orders. You will not be provided with any statistical delivery information consisting of locations, reach, demographic etc.

Orders placed on URlyric will not be refunded or canceled after they are placed.You will receive a refund credit to your URlyric account in the event the order is non deliverable. You can use this credit on your next order.

It is your responsibility to enter the correct link and follow our rules, misplaced or private account orders will not be eligible for refund. Make sure to confirm each and every order before placing it.

Please, DO NOT employ multiple service providers at the same time for delivery to the same page/link. In that case we can't give you the correct service delivery number. We will not refund for these orders.


Private accounts will not get a refund! Please make sure your account/video is public/published before ordering.

URlyric will only be used to promote your submitted Instagram/ Twitter/ Facebook/YouTube or social media or streaming account and help boost your "Appearance", or of anyone you have authorization to only.

We don't guarantee Instant Start for every order on our instant marked services! Sometimes it may take more time for server overloading and we don't offer refunds for this type of delay.

Before you attempt to ask for support for an order make sure that your order is at least 24 hours old. We manually check an order only if it's 24 hours old even if the service is supposed to be instant.

URlyric doesn't guarantee your new followers will interact with you, simply guarantee that you will get the followers you pay for. 

We don't guarantee 100% of our accounts will have a profile picture, full bio and any uploaded pictures, although we tried hard to make this the reality for all accounts.

You will not upload anything into the URlyric site including nudity or any material that is not accepted or suitable for the social media accounts Instagram/ Twitter/ Facebook or Social Media community.